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  About Basil Gold
Basil Gold on 'Awareness' Basil Gold, DNM, L.H.P. is the host of the national television show, "Awareness", and has been a TV host for the past thirteen years and has aired over 8,000 times. The show and Mr. Gold advocate and teach the general public to make changes in their lifestyles to overcome chronic and degenerative diseases which are affecting one in three people in America today.

Basil Gold is acclaimed as the doctor’s doctor by his peers for his intrinsic knowledge of proper health practices, as well as his overwhelming success in overcoming chronic and degenerative diseases of hundreds of ailments, using high energy foods and supplements he supplies to his clients who aspire in desperation for relief.

He is also a Two Time Crystal Awards Winner: 2000 "CRYSTAL AWARD OF EXCELLENCE" medical programming (seven countries); "CRYSTAL AWARD OF DISTINCTION" information programming 1999/2000.

2001-2002 Mr. Gold is elected into the prestigious national registers Who's Who of America and Canada and Library of Congress for his achievements and position among executives and professionals.

Basil Gold is the author of one of America's hottest books, The Cure (formerly known as "Not on the Evening News"), which is quickly filling the bookshelves of the many victims of illness and degenerative disease across this nation, as well as those seeking the truth about their health options.

He has hosted "Awareness" on television over 8,000 times. Mr. Gold is requested on radio shows across the nation monthly, bringing awareness on the causes of diseases, the alternatives available and convincingly changes people's lives.

Basil Gold confers and advises many doctors and authors on the latest technology available in today's alternative market and is known as the Ralph Nader of the alternative health industry, policing product and services efficacy and the worthiness of claims made. His on-going dedication to inform the nation of our toxic bathing and drinking water has been responded to by The White House and President Clinton personally.

Basil Gold is a leading expert in water, water contaminants, and toxins, purification methods and the important role that water plays in the human body.

In short there is not a person who has had the pleasure of conferring with "The Man who tells it like it is" whose life has not been changed.

When lecturing he is absolutely captivating, entertaining, funny, most believable, and is considered by professionals as "The Doctor's Doctor".

Basil Gold attended The University of Cape Town, studying clinical psychology and has independently furthered his knowledge from more reliable sources than those taught in our universities.

To best know the man one needs to meet with him, he is totally unselfish with his valuable time and you can be assured that your short term and long-term ailments can be overcome from his teachings. In short there is not a person who has had the pleasure of conferring with this spiritual man, whose life has not been changed, both in health and for those who listened, in knowledge and righteousness.

His first book "Awareness: The Household Manual" was released for public sale in 2000, and due to public demand and doctor's requests, he completed his masterpiece, and published The Cure, and updated and revamped version, which was released in 2008.

Additional achievements include:

  • Additional achievements include - International Championship racecar driver for six years, owned and operated a Motor Company in Johannesburg from 1967-1972.
  • World wide recognition in "The Entrepreneur" for marketing and advertising campaigns with a clientele of ninety Blue Chip Companies.
  • National Tennis and Table tennis championships, South Africa. Silver Medallist Senior Olympics, Las Vegas.
  • Professional Circus Performer, acrobats, trapeze, juggling and rope spinning 1959 -- Basil Gold still has the ability to perform all the above today!
  • National Top Gun Award Winner in sales for Media One, 1989/91.
  • Youngest Lecturer in motivation for Dale Carnegie Courses, South Africa.
  • Selected Into "Music Connections" top 100 " Movers and Shakers" in the American Music Industry, Hollywood 1989-1993.
  • Multi Lingual, six languages: English, German, Greek, Dutch, Afrikaans and African Native.
  • Basil Gold has produced and hosted over 100 Music Television shows, featuring Rock 'n Roll stars, 1990-1993

    Basil Gold Television Productions Inc. is an accredited production company listed in Dunn & Bradstreet and selected into The Blue Book of Hollywood for the past seven years.

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