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  The Cure
The Cure
America's Household Manual - As NO Author Has Ever Dared
(Formerly titled as "Not on the Evening News")

ISBN: 978-1-60047-026-4 USA
Copyright © 2005 Basil Gold
Pages: 279
Click Here to read a sample which includes the Contents, a Mission Statement, and a Note from the Author. Note that in this version, there is an entire new chapter devoted to AIDS and Cancer, and the positive affects of hyper-oxygenation.

In "The Cure", Basil Gold seeks to draw his own extreme personal research to present the reader with causes, cures, and answers for some of the more serious ailments that the public must deal with.

Basil Gold examines the root causes of diseases and criticizes the medical establishment for what he believes to be an abrogation of duty on their part. “Doctors around the world signed the Hypocritical Oath …. but instead they advocate chemical drugs…”

Find out the causes of disease, an exposé as never before revealed. Explore necessary daily supplements, and simple foods that regress all ailments, a routine that will guarantee daily changes in your life. Learn about anti-oxidants that replace chemically made antibiotics that cause internal harm.

Find out how chemotherapy and operations cannot, and do not, regress your disease. And learn what it does. Watch out for toxic substances in your home, kitchen and bathroom, and learn about the simple alternatives.

Water – everything you want to know: the complete scientific know-how on water purification, filtration systems, structuring medicinal waters, and the role of water in the human body. In the curing of disease, water from your faucet is accountable for two thirds of all disease. (N.R.D.C.).

Weight loss advocates are so uninformed. There is only one way to lose weight synergistically, symbiotically and permanently. Advertised weight loss programs do long term damage and weight is gained back. Learn how easy it really can be.

Cleanse and detoxify: The real facts on how to do a cleanse. Break down old impacted food/feces that have been in your colon for years. Only when imbedded impacted mycoid plaque in the colon comes out, can you regain your health.

Cancer sufferers empower yourselves, find out and eliminate the cancer promoters and supply the nutrition and naturopathic substances that cure.

Hormonal imbalances cause disease that need not happen at all. Don’t ask your doctor, he offers you drugs and operations that are totally unacceptable.

Become aware of toxic substances in your food chain, your home, and your environment. Nutritional substances with proven worthiness of reversing serious ailments. Preventing all ailments and disease in your children. Pregnancy with proper care before and after birth. Baby and pet care, the natural way. Avoiding doctors. Water knowledge as never compiled. Good water filtration systems. Personal products. Herbs. Diets. Weight loss. This book covers every aspect. A MUST READ.

This book explains with simplicity and easy reading for anyone, on how to totally overcome all ailments, from the simple to the most serious!

Basil Gold has written a masterpiece of information in this easy conversational way of explaining the causes and cures and the proven cures to all ailments.

Short and daring bottom line information, exciting and easy to read like a storybook, guaranteed to inform every single reader, doctors, nutritionists and authors included.

Can’t think of anything left out of this masterpiece? From AIDS, cancers, diabetes, all chronic and life threatening diseases, to balding, obesity, baby and pet care, products that have changed lives, herbs, cosmetics, toiletries, nutrition and daily diet, everything you need to know about water, curative therapies and easy alternatives to all your daily needs.

Basil Gold’s book is the writing of a gifted pioneer, an inspirational revelation from a spiritually committed prophet of righteousness, compassion and wisdom. A special man with very special messages, an uncanny knowledge with a committed desire to save lives.

Many people who have followed this ingenious and easy nutritional routine are now totally off their prescription drugs and back into activities. So can you!

To Order "The Cure", please Contact the Author for your copy today. Basil Gold has distributors in the United States which handle the Americas region as well.

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